‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’ Margaret Fuller

Note. The opinions and views expressed on this website are exclusive to the author and do not represent any other person or organisation.

First and foremost, thank you for your time. Time is a valuable commodity that can never be replaced and by deciding to spend a portion of yours on this website makes us more determined to spend time on writing the best reviews we can.

The purpose of this website two-fold.

Firstly, junior Officers are often overwhelmed with reading lists provided by commanders and peers alike with books they simply must read, however these lists rarely state why. You will note that all reviews shared here will state the lessons learnt or reinforced by the reader that they will take away as a junior Officer.

Secondly, this website is a place where junior Officers can work on their writing and analytical skills through the submission of reviews to like minded peers who will edit and publish their work. This website is run by junior Officers for the development of junior Officers, however any leader can openly read the published reviews and expand their personal libraries as they wish.

Continued personal and professional development is the back bone of this website.

If you have any questions or issues with the website or its content, please reach out to us at thejuniorofficersbookshelf@gmail.com

The Junior Officers’ Book Shelf is founded and administered by Jessica Ward. Any review without an alternate authors biography has been written by Jess.

Other work by Jessica Ward:




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