Want to contribute?

The Junior Officers’ Book Shelf is looking to hear about the great books you have been reading about the military, command and leadership (nothing political please!).

If you are a junior Officer and want to help your peers around the globe pick their next great read why not write and submit a review of the book you would most recommend.

We are looking for reviews that provide a general outline to the book, including the writing style of the author, three of the key lessons learnt or reinforced from the book as a junior Officer and why you would or wouldn’t recommend the book.

Once you are happy, please submit the review to thejuniorofficersbookshelf@gmail.com and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like a short blurb about yourself and links to any other work you may have published, please send those details through with your review.

We hope to hear from you soon!


2 thoughts on “Want to contribute?

  1. Some suggestions for the shelf:
    Why We fight: the cognative basis for war – Michael Martin
    Legacy: what the all blacks can teach us about the Buisness of Life – James Kerr
    The future of War: A History – Sir Lawrence Freedman
    – Happy to read and review or compare notes


    1. Hi Gareth, Thanks for your suggestions. Would you be able to email us at thejuniorofficersbookshelf@gmail.com to chat more about possible reviews?


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